Sabtu, 17 November 2007


nown as “the King of Bitters”, Sambiloto as it is known in Indonesia, has been used in traditional medicine for centuries. It has been used to cure colds and ‘flu, and fever, sore throat and many infections and chronic diseases. It is used in Scandinavia today to treat the common cold.

Scientific research is now unlocking the full potential of this herb, and there is strong evidence of potential for treating HIV and cancer. But particularly in the cardiovascular area, there is much information that it is an effective protective against heart attack.

The large range of beneficial effects may seem surprising, but this is normal for broad spectrum herbs. But it may take time for its gentle but powerful effect to become obvious. But the evidence of its effectiveness has been reported in many scientific reports recently.

You should use the concentrated extract capsules for:

bullets Anti-heart attack and alleviation of heart attack damage
bullets Scavenging free radicals – a strong anti-oxidant
bullets Protector against cardio-vascular disease and heart attack
bullets Strong anti-inflammation effect helps eliminate silent inflammation
bullets Anti-cancer, promotes natural defenses against cancer
bullets Effective against upper respiratory tract infections (colds, 'flu')
bullets Anti-microbial, antibiotic effect
bullets Anti-malarial effect
bullets Blood sugar stabilizer, helps prevent/treat diabetes
bullets Stimulates the immune system
bullets Anti viral, Anti HIV, evidence of HIV inhibition

The profound effect of overcoming silent inflammation (see the reference on this), and the protective effect on the blood vessels and heart are a great boon to all of us who follow a western lifestyle. About a third of us die from this cause each year, often prematurely.

Sambiloto helps prevent this in two ways. It has protective properties for the heart muscle, and it helps clear the arteries of plaque and keep the cholesterol level and balance LDL/HDL favorable, preventing plaque formation. These are life-saving properties.

The anti-fertility properties of Sambiloto are also well documented. In large doses it is anti-spermatogenic, but this is minor compared to the stronger abortive effect. Women who wish to conceive should avoid it, and pregnant women must not take it.

For this reason, Sambiloto is replaced with Gano in the Women’s Golden Lifestyle Pack. Apart from this fertility effect, Sambiloto has no side effects, unlike many drug company products. It has been carefully selected as one of the best herbs in the world by the Tree of Wellness. You can be confident that the 100% natural concentrated extract will bring you great benefits.

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