Rabu, 26 September 2007


Sambung nyawa (gynura procumbens)

l saponin, flavonoid, tanin, alkaloid

l For hypertension use fresh leaf 5 and can be use to prevent the cancer, and to reduce the high cholesterol in blood, for hemorrhoid , and gastritis (3X1 pill)

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Anonim mengatakan...

Hi Doc,
I like plants, and I love your website very much. Just my curiosity if Gynura procumbens and gynura segetum are completely different species. Poeple call them daun dewa and sambung nyawa respectively (and sometimes interchangeably). This confuses many people, of course, and it may lead to misunderstanding. The names are often mistaken for each other, and the benefits too.

So, would you please help me check just for a while if what I put in my collection is the correct one. It's in my personal website Plantamor.
I am not a botanist. I develop the site myself just for my hobby. That's why, I will appreciate your opinion and time very much.