Rabu, 26 September 2007


Gynura segetum (lour) Blerr

Benefit as Anti coagulant, prevention for stroke and myocardium infarct. Take fresh leaf 1 times 5 leaf. And prevention for cancer. (3 X 1 pill)

Grapthophylum pictum (l) griff

This herbal good for Hemorrhoid and constipation, boil 7 leaf with 3 glass water until 2 glass , and drink this after cold for 5 days just once a day ( or 3 X 1 pill)

Strobilanthes Crispus R,

This herbal can use to destroy stone in the kidney , take 10 leaf and boil with 3 glass water until 2 glass, drink when cold , once a day for 2 weeks and take rest one week so the kidney not work hard because this leaf work as diuretic and can harm kidney if take so long. (3 X1 pill)

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