Rabu, 26 September 2007


These are the herbal I use in Indonesia for help my patients , they use as a pill or use fresh at home. They plant the herbal in the garden and take everyday for healing their diseases, some of them use with the medicine I gave , for example:

For my hypertension patients , I gave them captopril and fresh gynura segetum leaf and fresh gynura precumben leaf preventive high blood pressure more and stroke.

For hemorrhoid they love to take grapthophilum pictum as a pill or fresh leaves, this helps them more better than take hemorrhoid west medicine .

` For the cancer patients, after chemotherapy they took Thyponium flagelliforme (lodd) Bl this herbal can be use to reduce the effect of chemotherapy , and can be use to preventive the metastases of cancer, for cancer I use Andrographis Paniculata, this is the potential herbal for increase the immunity system and can be use as an anti biotic , anti virus , can use to prevent cancer. Plus curcurma alba.

Our garden is our own farmacy , one day my mother feel pain in her chest , so I gave her fresh gynura precumben and gynura segetum, after few minuate the pain just stop, in the morning I check her blood cholesterol and found so high around 435 mg %. So I release this night could be chest paint of angina. And this herb help her so much before I gave her medicine like simvastatin, so herb and west medicine can work together as well as we need.

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