Jumat, 15 Mei 2009

for my children

what the phylosofy of life
remember that

Make new friends
Rediscover old ones
Tell them that you love them
And when you love them feel it deeply

Ignore worries
Forget problems
Pardon enemies
Keep promises

Prize your good ideas
If you get more than one chance, try again
Try not to make mistakes and if you do, learn from them

Be crazy
Appreciate miracles when they happen
Notice where the sun is in the sky
Listen to the rain
Watch for rainbow and fallig stars
Look for the beauty around you

Smile with your heart
Confide in others
Give to others

Hope, desire, grow, hard work and be yourself
Be understanding , when it’s needed
Have confidence in life
Have faith
Comfort a friend
Have confidence in yourself
Enjoy life

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